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Le'Sol Eclectic

Lavender, Palo Santo, & Sage Bundle

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Homegrown lavender and relaxing sage soothe the soul while palo cleanses the energy. 

Eclectic Scents

Black OceanCitrus top notes with dark undertones of cardamom and musk alongside subtle notes of amber and vanilla 
CleanLight and airy with a notes of cotton, sweet musk , and sandalwood.
Drop Dead Sexy - Deep, exotic, woodsy scents of vanilla, white orchid, and ebony (Can be compared to Dead Sexy by Tokyo Milk)
Fallin - Deliciously sparkling with notes of sun-ripened blackberries, sparkling jasmine, and sweet vanilla.
MangoRefreshing, tropical blend of mango, fresh clementine, and red raspberries with hints of sweet vanilla
Midnight-   Spicy blend of clove leaf and peppercorn blended with warm bourbon.  
Pink SugarFruity combination of cotton candy, caramel, lemon drops, raspberries and light musk
Suit & Tie -  Classic blood rose and wild geraniums blend with notes of bergamot and gold amber.
Total Seduction - Seductive blend of musk, floral bouquet, apples and fresh citrus (Can be compared to Pure Seduction by Victoria Secret)